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by Isa Spa, November 16, 2015

Body polish is a popular body treatment that exfoliates and hydrates the skin, leaving it smooth & soft.It is a treatment of the entire body which is like a facial and unlike a massage. It is best to get the treatment done at a spa. Sometimes body polish iscombined with a massage. In this case, the polish is done first because it is stimulating. It is thenfollowed by a massage to calm down the body.

Body polish can be done with any type of scrub product likeas sugar, salt, rice bran, or coffee grounds, which are usually mixed with massage oil or essential oils. This treatment can be done on its own, but most of the times it is done after a mud or seaweed wrap. It can be done in a spa or even at home. After the polishing session the abrasive material is rinsed off from the body and is completed with an application of lotion, cream or oil.

A body polish can be a popular body treatment that will exfoliates and hydrates skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

A body polish is a primary remedy for attaining radiant skin, its just like a facial for your body. However body polishing shouldn’t be confused with a body massage.

A body polish is done sing number of ingredients that includes — salt, sugar, java grounds, almond bran, pecan  etc. It is generally mixed with massage and aromatic fragrances like essential oils. In the event os using salt as an ingredient for body polishing mask, it is called as salt rinse, salt spark or marine salt rinse. The exfoliation is frequently followed by shower and a mild application of body lotion.

What are the results of Body Polishing?

A body polish typically is given in a wet room, which includes a tile floor as well as a drain. The therapist may provide you with disposable underwear. You will have to lie with your face-down on the massage desk covered with a towel, a sheet or perhaps a thin piece of plastic, or on the special damp table with a Vichy shower overhead.

The therapist will return and begin by lightly rubbing the exfoliant on your back, the backs of the arms, and the backs of the legs and feet. You might be draped with a towel or sheet, so that just the part she’s working on is uncovered. Then it followed with the opposite side.

When the therapist is finished, you usually step in to a shower for you to wash off all the products. Be sure to rinse off thoroughly therefore you don’t have little granules returning to the desk. And don’t use shower solution — it’s good to keep the aromatic fragrance on your skin. In the event the spa has been doing the treatment on the special damp table, the therapist will help you wash of the products with the help of a hand-held shower, or a Vichy shower.

Things You should know About  body Polishing

Some health spas do body polishes in a room without a shower and get rid of the exfoliant by wiping the body with a hot towels.

You will get a body polish that includes unexpected ingredients like seaweed and mud, but typically it’s the first step in any body wrap, often seaweed and mud wrap is used to relax and soothe the body.

You may also combine body polishing with a good body massage to get added benefits of both the treatments. Some spas get signature therapies that mix both body polish and massage.

Salt along with other exfoliants could be abrasive, and some therapists tend to apply a lot of pressure while polishing or massaging. Individuals likewise differ in their skin level of responsiveness. If that feels too harsh, speak up.

Types of body polish treatments

The most popular categories of body polish are

  • Himalayan salt rub featuresrockcrystal which is the purest salt on the planet. It  replenishes  and balances  the essential minerals that are  naturally present in the skin
  • Nourishing body glow:is a body polish comprising oils like aloe Vera and jojoba  which are gentle yet effective scrubs
  • Brightening body polish This is a range of polishes that are designed to eliminate tired skin cells from head to toe. The use of ground pumice stone and citrus oils are common in this treatment but some spas use other ingredients as well.
  • Tan-optimizing body polish This skin-smoothing and dead cell-removing body polish is the preparation of the skin before the application of false tan which canotherwise appear patchy.
  • Anti-cellulite body polish this body polishes helps to redistribute and decrease the formation of fat cells. This polish uses coffee which helps to stimulate circulation and improve the look of problem areas…

Benefits of Body Polish

  • One of the most common benefits of body polish is that this treatment exfoliates the dead skin cells.
  • It is important to remove dead cells because thedead skin layers make a person’s face and body appear unhealthy, dull and unattractive. A polished skin on the other hand looks attractive and provides a fresh feeling.
  • The skin becomes softer, smoother and supple after the procedure.
  • Body polish makes the skin more moisturized and hydrated than before.
  • This procedure will remove oil and dirt buildups that clog the skin pores.
  • The polish stimulates the skin cells to generate fresh and healthier layers of skin.
  • Some supporters of alternative healing believe that this procedure has numerous therapeutic benefits as well.
  • The time during the procedure of body massage provides some valuable and rare time to reflect, and forget all of the troubles by relaxing the mind and making it carefree.
  • The professional movement of the hands with a gritty texture will help in blood flow and re- energies the body.
  • Besides removal of dead cells the treatment will also help in the production of new cells. The body polish will hydrate the skin and provide a healthy glow and a softer, more youthful complexion from top to toe.
  • A body polish is the ideal preparation before undergoing a spray tan or applying any other body  tanning product
  • Dead cells, dirt and oil build up on the upper layer of the skin can also prevent topical creams from working properly.   A body polish will prepare the skin in which these products can be more easily absorbed.

Natural body polish and their benefits

  • Aloe Vera –Body polish using aloe Vera exfoliates dead and tanned skin. It moisturizes and brightens the skin. It is suitable for sensitive to oily skin.
  • Apricot – Body polish using apricot exfoliates dead & tanned skin. The skinbecomes soft, andlooks healthy. It can be used for normal to mature skin.
  • Almond – Almond body polish is used on sun damage and tanned skin. It is suitable for normal to mature skin.
  • Peach – Body polish using peach leaves the skin soft and velvety. It can be used on all types of skin.


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